Further expansion
After Andreas Jakobs joined his father’s business in 1993, a new era of expansion started. In the end of the 1990s the construction of the company’s first own grape reception and wine press house was finished, followed by the establishment of storage tanks.

Winery as new field of operations
After intensive market research the Jakobs’ started to run their own winery business. Thanks to their wealth of experience in the field of wine making and dealing, the new business unit soon became a major success. The existing capacities were fully utilized just a few years later. Klaus and Andreas Jakobs were paving the way for a successful future and further growth with the acquisition of Weinkellerei Clüsserath’s permanent establishment in Mehring in 2009.

With the winery’s relocation to the new building the company’s mash storage and mash fermentation capacity was enlarged to about 5 million litres. The latest step in the company’s development was the subsequent construction of a new modern grape reception and wine press house, which does not appear to be the final milestone in Dreitäler Weinkommission’s impressive company history.

Dreitäler Weinkommission, located in Mehring on the river Moselle, currently employs 8 people. The family business which was founded more than 40 years ago stands out by its experience in wine dealing business.

Wine dealing business since 1969
The company was founded by Klaus Jakobs in 1969 as ‘Weinkommission Klaus Jakobs’, at that time focusing on dealing with other wine dealers in the local market in Mehring. At the end of the 1970s Klaus Jakobs was no longer focusing on Mehring but extended its area of operations, starting to deal directly to wineries. As a consequence, the company was renamed in ‘Dreitäler Weinkommission‘ in 1987.
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