In the company’s modern winery Dreitäler Weinkommission produces high-quality wines from the grapes delivered by several wine growers from the moselle valley.

State-of-the-art technology
Beside the delivered grapes’ quality and the wealth of experience in the field of wine making and dealing state-of-the-art technology is the key to success in wine production. The fermentation, which takes place in stainless steel tanks is fully computer-controlled - this high-quality equipment ensures an efficient and optimized fermentation process.
Wine growers benefit
Wine growers can concentrate on growing the grapes by outsourcing the wine-production process, thus avoiding extensive investments into cellar technology. As delivered graps become property of Dreitäler Weinkommission, the wine growers don’t have to pursue active market development activities any more.
Wineries’ advantages
Producing the wines in the company’s own winery, Dreitäler Weinkommission is able to guarantee constant quality and taste over the course of several years. This enables the wineries to order fix amounts of wines with specific qualities to guaranteed prices at a very early stage.

Healthy growth
These advantages convince our business partners: Today winery is Dreitäler Weinkommission’s core business - and is still growing rapidly. With a mash storage and mash fermentation capacity of about 5 million litres Dreitäler Weinkomission ist well equipped for further growth.