Dreitäler Weinkommission from Mehring on the river Moselle has been in the wine dealing business for over 40 years. The company buys wine from the wood from the Moselle wine growers and sells them to wineries.
Both wine growers and wineries make use of our services. On one hand, wine growers put the responsibility to pursue market development activities in our hands. Thus they can concentrate on their core business. On the other hand wineries give us purchase orders for wines in specific qualities. Thus the wine’s market price is determined by wineries’ demand and wine growers’ supply.

Wine growers benefit
Wine-growers benefit in several ways: The Weinkommission takes charge of the wine distribution. Thus, the wine growers don’t have to pursue active market development activities any more. Doing so, they can be sure to achieve the maximum price for their products. Instead of small-scale retail sale, which is difficult to calculate, a contract with Dreitäler Weinkommission enables wine growers to sell significant quantities.

Wineries’ advantages
Wineries particularly benefit from the quantity and the variety of wine growers in Dreitäler Weinkommission’s pool of suppliers. In addition, accurate pre-selection and determination of different wine qualities simplify the purchase of larger quantities for the wineries.

Wine dealing business is matter of trust.
The confidence of our business partners is a very important factor for us. Wineries have to confide in us for providing the quantities and qualities we promised to deliver. Wine growers are particularly dependent on our solvency to be sure they get the money for the delivered products.

For more than 40 years Dreitäler Weinkommission justifies this confidence time and time again.
Wine dealing’s success factors
A wealth of experience, unique personal expertise and long-term business relationships to both wineries and wine growers are the deciding factors of Dreitäler Weinkommission’s success.